Thursday, August 20, 2009

Homegrown Homebrew!

A batch of homebrew made with entirely homegrown organic hops is currently cold conditioning at work, the joys of working at a brewery. The style? Good question. I believe the recipe was something like, 8 lbs of pilsner and 2.5 lbs of caramunich II. Hop profile was brewers gold and nugget for bittering, and cascade and centennial for flavor and aroma. Its going to get more cascade and centennial dry hopped in the keg. Add some English Ale yeast and you have my first harvest ale. Harvested enough hops for another brew or so too.

Just sent four beers from work to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, CO. Tavern Ale, Dortmunder Lager, Oak Barrel Stout, and Copperhead Alt Ale. I think our best bet for a medal is either the Copperhead or Dortmunder.
Hops next to a soybean field, soybeans are
part of the three crop rotation on the
Eastern Shore

Hops growing a hundred yards from a tributary of the Chesapeake

The second of three harvests

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  1. The skipjack/pint photo is awesome. Nicely done!